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3 prejudices about data in the cloud

3 prejudices about data in the cloud

by | Jul 30, 2018 | Nyheder | 0 comments

3 prejudices you face when having data in the cloud

A lot of people are concerned about having data in cloud.  I have noticed that the two most commend ones are: Are your data secure or is it available for others as well, and the second one is, do I risk to lose the data I have in the cloud.

This article will clarify the 3 most commends prejudices about data in the cloud.


It is not secure to have data in the cloud

Based on my experience it is often a programming supplier of for instance inventory solutions who store the data like, product information, amount in stock, the location and so on.

Together with the inventory system the user often has registered some other important information connected to the products.

It could be a specification of the products or strategically information which is important for the company.

Therefore, the question is relevant – how secure are my data when they are in the cloud?

I think we are all aware that hacking attacks today are targeted at databases or the internet located in the individually companies. Of course, these companies try to secure themselves, but it can be hard to keep up with all the threats from the hackers. Another way to secure the data and the company is to use a hosting center – by doing that you minimize the risk and the hosting centers are also dedicated to prevent any attacks from the hackers.

I am not able to keep the data for myself

When it comes to keeping data for oneself it is nearly impossible to ensure it won’t be exposed to hacker attacks. No matter that you keep the data in the cloud, on a server somewhere in the world or even if you keep the data by yourself.

If the software provider you use, uses a hosting center that is located with an external provider, this hosting center also must use the top security systems in the form of firewalls, etc. to ensure the data in its custody on behalf of the program provider.

This means that if the program provider controls its hinterland and manage the necessary agreements in relation to the new data processing law including data processing. In such case, there is no issues using a inventory system which run in the cloud.

I will always be concerned if the proud bidder can’t tell me where the hosting center is located and can give a precise description of which company they use to host the system and save data. 


I risk losing all my data in the cloud

It is important that you accept the fact that it is possible to lose data or some unpredictable things can happen with the data.

For instance, the data could be mixed together if the systems are not stable enough.

You also need to accept that you must keep a backup of your data in the cloud. Make sure you or your provider make a backup on a regular basis.



All in all, there are no problems with storing data in the cloud or using inventory systems that run in the cloud. Of course, you must be aware of the circumstances and take the necessary precautions wherever it is necessary.